The Best Homemade Lasagna Recipe

The Best Homemade Lasagna Recipe
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Meat Sauce
1 lbs Italian Ground Pork
1 lbs Ground Beef
1-2 Bottles of any Pasta Sauce (plus water to rinse out bottle and add more moisture to sauce while simmering)
2-3 Onions
Make sure to mince them up, I like to use a mandolin and then slice and dice
4 Cloves of Garlic
I use a Garlic Masher
Salt and Pepper
Italian Seasoning

Bechemel Sauce- This is what will set apart your lasagna from the others. Takes a little time and muscle… but it’s well worth it. Trust me, Judy’s favorite!
½ Cup Flour
7 tbsp Butter
4 and ¼ Cups Warm Milk
2 Cups Parmesan Cheese- Shredded
White Pepper

The Stack Ingredients
Lasagna Pasta
Mozarella Cheese

Start by cooking the meat sauce. Cook the Pork and Beef first. Remove and cook the onions next. Add garlic and italian seasoning with some olive oil once onions are almost done. Combing the meat back in. Slowly add pasta sauce till desired consistency. Keep on a low heat.

Bechamel Sauce…. start by getting a medium pot. Medium High Heat, once pot is hot, add butter. Melt. Once it’s bubbling slightly, add flour. Cook through. It will be slightly brown but don’t burn. Slowly add milk a quarter of the total amount at a time. Slowly add the milk on a medium heat and whisk constantly. Once all milk is added and it’s creamy, add white pepper and salt to season. Turn down heat to lowest setting or off, and slowly whisk in the parmesan cheese.

Boil pasta noodles as instructed on the box. Pre Heat Oven to 375 degrees.

Once done, stack. Sauce first, then pasta, then bechamel, then top with mozarella. Do this 2-4 times or untill you’ve got your lasagna to the desired height. Last layer switch the pasta sauce and bechamel so that the white sauce and mozarella are on the top layer.

Add to oven for 40 minutes covered. Then remove cover and broil for 3-5 minutes while keeping an eye on it!


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Lasagna Recipe