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This is a very basic and the best recipe for Yaki Gyoza (Japanese Fried Dumplings) to start with! When we pan fry the Gyoza, we call it Yaki Gyoza. Steamed = Mushi Gyoza, Boiled = Sui Gyoza.

Gyoza is originally the Chinese potstickers, now very popular in Japan 😋

In the next video, I will show you how to make Gyoza Wrappers!

How to Make Gyoza (Very Basic Japanese Potstickers / Pan-Fried Dumplings)

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 20min
Number of servings: 14 big dumplings or 24 small dumplings

1 leaf (100g=3.5oz.) Chinese cabbage
* 250g (8.8oz.) ground pork
* 1/2 chopped long onion
* 1 clove chopped garlic
* 1 tbsp. sesame oil
* 1 tsp. soy sauce
* ground black pepper
14 big gyoza wrappers
cooking oil
soy sauce
la-yu / raayu (Chinese spicy sauce) if preferred

1. Boil water in a large pot. Add Chinese cabbage from the stem end and boil for about one minute. Drain and soak in cold water (or use running water) to cool. Squeeze to remove the excess water (can use a paper towel), then finely chop.
2. Put the chopped Chinese cabbage and A in a bowl. Mix well by hand (or back of a spoon is okay) until all ingredients are combined and the mixture is smooth.
3. Lay gyoza wrapper in your palm and put a spoonful of filling in the center. Put water along the edge of the wrapper with your finger, fold in half, make small folds in the front side of the wrapper and seal.
4. Heat cooking oil in a frying pan. Put the gyoza in and cook on high heat until the bottoms become brown. Turn the heat down to medium, add 50ml water (or about 1/3 of their hight), cover and steam the gyoza on med-high until done. Uncover and cook on high until the water is gone and the bottoms of the gyoza are crisp.
5. Serve with a mixture of soy sauce, vinegar, and a drop or two of la-yu if preferred.

Of course, it goes great with white rice! Perfect for bento, too!
But I prefer no garlic but ginger for bento 😉


Of course, there are many other ways to enjoy it!!!

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