Smoked Italian Sausage – How to smoke Italian Sausages on the Grill Recipe

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In this Easy Smoked Italian Sausage Recipe, we will teach you how to cook a Delicious Smoked Italian sausages on the grill. These tasty Italian sausages are simple to do and tastes great! We made these on the Napoleon Kettle grill, but you can also do this on any other type of grill using the indirect cooking method. Everything you need to know is below.

ITEMS USED – (Recipe Below)

Napoleon Kettle Grill (USA) (CDN)



Napoleon Professional 5 Piece tool set (USA) (CDN)

Chimney Starter (USA) (CDN)

Old Hickory Knife – 10in (USA) (CDN)


I pack of Italian Sausages
2 onions
2 Tbs butter
Dijon Mustard
Soft Rolls / Buns


Step #1
For this recipe the only prep that you will need to do is slice your onions but this can be done while the sausages are smoking.

Step #2
Once your grill is up to 275 degrees you will place your Italian Sausages onto the cool side of the grill. Add your favourite hardwood for some added smoke flavour and begin cooking for 45 minutes.

Step #3
After 45 minutes of cooking, you are going to open the grill and flip the sausages to get even cooking and smoke flavour. At this time you will also place your onions into a cast iron or steal pan to begin cooking. When this is done close the lid and continue cooking for another 30 minutes or until fully cooked.

Step #4
Once your sausages are finished you will then take them off the grill and serve them up. In our case we chose to make sandwiches out of them so we placed them in some soft buns then topped it with dijon mustard, the onions we cooked and a bit of sauerkraut. For yours top it with your favourite condiments and enjoy the way you like.

That’s it, Enjoy.

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In this Smoked Italian Sausage Recipe video, Jabin from Postal Barbecue will teach you How to smoke Italian Sausages on the grill. This Smoked Sausage Recipe is easy to do and taste great. You can use this method for smoking other types os sausages. This BBQ Smoked Italian Sausage Recipe is easy to do, tastes great and makes a great meal with friends.

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