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Oats Upma | Weight loss breakfast | Healthy Breakfast
Oats Upma is a simple and healthy breakfast recipe with oats . It is a easy recipe to prepare yet yummy breakfast with vegetables and oats. Oats upma is a nice recipe for busy mornings one who wants to eat healthy breakfast & doesn’t have much time to prepare longer process recipes .
Oats contains phytic acid in its outer layer which needs to neutralise before consuming if it is untreated it will inhibit the minerals absorption in our body . It is good to soak it overnight then rinse & drain out the water or we can also treat it by adding some edible acidic substances like lemon juice or curd can also neutralise the phytic acid.

We can stay healthy forever by adopting some changes in our daily diet and habits .
Avoid refined things in cooking like refined flour refined sugar refined salt instead that switch to whole grain flour Himalayan salt etc.

Avoid refined oil usage in cooking Instead use local woodpressed cooking oil.

Avoid aluminium plastic and nonstick cookware in cooking or for food content storage. Instead switch to cast iron steel iron or any other traditional metal utensils.

Reduce wheat and rice consumption in food instead try to include millets.

Avoid refined sugar in your recipes instead switch to honey,dates, dates syrup, coconut sugar, date palm jaggery, desi khand or we can also use maple syrup as a sweetener wherever your recipe demands sweetness.

Whenever you use turmeric in your recipe you must include some black pepper with that. The piperine content which is present in it will be helpful to absorb curcumin faster to our body.

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