Ninja Foodi Smart XL Grill New York Strip Steak + Asparagus from Recipe Book + How to use Temp Probe

Detailed description of how to use temperature Probe to cook two steaks at the same time… one to Medium Rare and one to Well Done using the one Probe this device has… or any of the 9 degrees of doneness that this device allows…I also show how to properly insert the Probe for best results using what I have personally learned over several years that I have been using temperature probes of several different kinds… To cook this dish I use a recipe from the recipe book that comes with the Ninja grill for New York Strips and Asparagus… plus I show in real time…without turning the camera off…how long it takes a steak to go from medium rare to well done…i also show a few other tips such as how to defeat the preheat stage!!!… how to check the current and actual temp of the Probe!!! and how to adjust temps while the unit is running!!! I hope this video helps you in some way and thank you for stopping by…i love y’all all… jelly
#jelly007 #ninjafoodi #ninjagrill
0:00 intro and recipe ingredients
1:20 avacado oils that use no propellants or chemicals
2:56 Explanation of using one temp Probe to monitor 2 steaks or proteins
6:03 How to properly insert any temperature Probe into steak
9:17 preparing the asparagus using the OXO asparagus prep peeler tool
10:27 adding the steaks to the grill
11:26 beginning of real time cook, flipping steaks and actual time to go through degrees of doneness
12:41 removal of the medium rare steak
18:25 end of well done steak and removal of steak
19:04 adding asparagus to grill
19.47 how to set grill up for asparagus
20:04 how to skip preheat on ninja grill
20:20 how to check temperature reading of Probe on ninja grill
21:11 how to change temp on ninja grill
22:05 removal of asparagus
23:20 cutting off steaks
24:14 side by side comparison of steaks

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