My Simple Beef Vegetable Sauce Recipe | Dinner In Under 30 Minutes

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To Marinade Beef
2lbs – Beef
1tbsp – Cornstarch
1tsp – Garlic or tt
1tbsp – Ginger or tt
1tbsp – Oyster Sauce or tt
2tbsp – Soy Sauce or tt
1tbsp – Honey or tt
Salt – tt

1cup – Broccoli
1cup – Carrots
1/2 – Green Bell Pepper
1/2 – Yellow Bell Pepper
1/2 – Red Bell Pepper
1 Medium Onion
Salt – tt
Oil for Stir Frying

To Thicken Sauce
2tbsp – CornStarch
2tbsp – Soy Sauce or tt
1/2-1cup – Water

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tt means To Taste or To Your Taste

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