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The best apple pie recipe ever! Apple pie with juicy apple filling with rich almond cream.
My husband and I went to Germany 3 years ago for our new year holiday and bought the cake kit for apple cake there. We tried to make the cake the other day but found the cake kit had already expired…My husband made me an apple pie instead which turned out so good as a result🍎 The apple pie had taste of happiness and winter❤️

Apple pie (16cm Tart Mold)
・4 Apples
・100g Sugar
・40g Butter
・1 Lemon juice

Almond Cream
・50g Butter
・50g Sugar
・1 Egg
・50g Almond flour
・A bit of vanilla oil

2 Puff pastry sheets
1 Egg yolks

Apple tea
・1L Water
・Apple peel
・10g Tea leaves

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