How to Make Greek Yoghurt with a Slowcooker / Greek Yogurt Recipe

I’ll show you a very simple way of making your own Greek Yoghurt / Greek Yogurt without a yoghurt maker and much cheaper than buying it! For those long-time subscribers – yes I have done this video before when I first started YouTube a few years ago – unfortunately something went haywire with the previous video so I had to do a re-shoot! Full technique written below.

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Plus needless to say it’s great for dolloping on top of so many puddings!

The full technique for making 1 Litre of Greek Yogurt in a slowcooker :
Put 2 litres of standard (in NZ it’s called “blue top”) milk in a slowcooker
Turn it onto high and leave for 2-3 hours or until it reaches 85oC
Give it a quick stir and switch it off, leaving the lid on, until it cools back down to 45oC.
At this time, put 2 heaped tablespoons of existing Greek Yoghurt in and mix very gently back and forth until the Yogurt has mixed in.
Wrap the slowcooker in a towel to retain the heat and leave to sit overnight.
In the morning you should be left with a mixture of yoghurt with some liquid whey in it. Drain out the whey using a muslin cloth until your yogurt has reached it’s desired thickness and store in the fridge.

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