How to Make Goya Chanpuru / Stir-Fried Bitter Melon (Okinawan Cuisine Recipe) ゴーヤーチャンプルーの作り方 (レシピ)


Goya Chanpuru (Stir-Fried Bitter Melon) is a very popular Okinawan dish. The dish is eaten very often in Summer in Japan when Goya (bitter melon/gourd/squash) is in season!

By washing or boiling it, you can remove the bitter taste BUT I know some of you still don’t like the bitter flavor of Goya. Sure this is the recipe for those who love it 😉 hehe

More Goya recipes are coming soon!!!

Goya Chanpuru / Stir-Fried Bitter Melon

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 25min
Number of servings: 4

1 (250g=8.8oz.) Goya (bitter melon)
180g (6.4oz.) thinly sliced pork *ham, bacon, or SPAM is okay but you may want to less the amount of soy sauce when you season at the end
400g (14oz.) Shima-dofu (cotton / firm tofu)
2 eggs
* salt and pepper
* 2 tsp. corn or potato starch
1/2 tbsp. cooking oil
1/2 tbsp. sesame oil
* 1 tbsp. soy sauce
* salt and pepper
1 (5g) package Katsuobushi (bonito flakes)

1. Cut both ends of Goya, then cut in half lengthwise. Scrape off the seeds with a spoon and slice into thin half rounds. Put them in a bowl, sprinkle with 1/2 tsp. of salt, then leave for 5 minutes until tender. Wash and drain well. *in this way you can remove the bitter taste of the Goya.
2. Tear Tofu into bite-size chunks and drain well in a strainer.
3. Cut sliced pork into bite-size pieces if necessary, then season with A.
4. Heat cooking oil in a frying pan and cook Tofu until golden brown. Then set aside.
5. In the same pan, heat sesame oil, then stir-fry the pork and Goya until done. Then add back the Tofu and season with B. *if you are using ham, bacon, or SPAM you may want to less the amount of soy sauce
6. Pour in the beaten egg, wait for 10 seconds until slightly cooked, then toss lightly.
7. Quickly mix in Katsuobushi (bonito flakes) to finish.


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