Healthy smoothie recipe (Fat burning and anti-oxidants)

In this video I share with you a healthy smoothie recipe, filled with natural ingredients and anti-oxidants that´s going to help you burn fat as well.

At the beginning of this health tip video I explain how this healthy smoothie recipe is packed with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and all sorts of nutrients that will keep you satisfied until lunchtime and also have you burning fat with its green tea caffeine content.

I then tell you how to make my healthy smoothie by telling what ingredients you will need (a cup of green tea for its fat burning properties, as well as all of the usual base ingredients of oats, walnuts and a mixture of seeds, along with three quarters of a pint of water).

Then I show you how to prepare the rest of the fruits, vegetables and fresh ginger, which are really healthy ingredients that are packed with anti-oxidants.

Next I show you how everything is blended together for about a minute to create this wonderfully healthy smoothie that is full of anti-oxidants and helps you to burn fat too.

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0:00 Introduction
0:58 Start of smoothie making (tea)
1:11 Base ingredients
1:41 Fruits and vegetables
2:30 Final blend
2:40 Pour and serve
2:52 Comment, like, share etc
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Green Smoothie Recipes