Gyudon Recipe / Japanese Beef bowl / 牛丼

Gyudon (Bowl of simmered beef and onions) is one of the iconic Japanese fast casual food commonly known as Yoshinoya beef bowl. It takes just minutes to make, but with the few tips and techniques, you can make the great Gyudon like you never had before. here is how!! By the way, you can make pork version with using thinly sliced pork belly!!

(If you don’t know about kombu, there is an explanation on below)

0:00 Prepare Ingredients
2:03 Dashi science
2:47 Cooking part

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(Ingredients 2 serves)

-Thinly sliced beef (rib eye or chuck) 250g (0.55lb)
-Beef fat 20g (0.7oz)
-Ginger (as peeled) 15g (0.53oz)
-Onion 1each (130g: 4.58oz)

[Kombu Dashi]
-Water 750ml (25.36oz) ①
-kombu (Dry kelp) 7g (0.24oz)①

-Sugar 30g (1.05oz)
-Sake 90ml (3.04oz)
-Soy sauce 30ml (1.01oz)


[Chapter 1: Prepare Ingredients]
-Slice the beef into half
-Chop the beef fat into dice
-Slice onion into 1cm
-Slice ginger as thin as possible

[Chapter 2: Dashi science]
Put ① in a pot, warm at low heat until just starting to boil.
The umami (Deep richness) of the kombu is actively developed around at 60℃ (140F),
so go slow to pass through this temperature range to maximize the goodness.

[Chapter 3: Cooking part]
-Put the beef fat on a cold pan or pot. Medium heat until sizzle.
-Turn the heat to low, cook until lightly brown
-Add ginger. Cook until translucent.
-Add onion. A pinch of salt. Cook until translucent.
-Add the dashi and sugar. Boil.
-Add the beef and sake. boil again.
-Get rid of the half of the scum. Leave half in there. It has flavor.
-Add soy sauce. Cook simmer for 10-15 mins
-Serve with rice and egg yolk (or poached egg if raw eggs aren’t safe in where you live)

[About the rice]
60-70% of the whole dish is actually rice. So pay attention to the rice is important.
Use descent Japanese rice. Soak minimum 1 hour (Maximum over night) with water and kombu (1% of the weight of the rice) after rice is washed.
This will bring up the whole thing lot better.

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-About KOMBU (Dried kelp)-

“KOMBU” is one of the mother ingredient of true authentic Japanese cuisine.
It’s usually soaked, or boiled in water to make its stock called “Kombu dashi” (Dashi means stock in Japanese) And Kombu dashi is typically used in cooking soup dishes including miso soup.

However, sadly many people and restaurants doesn’t use this beautiful ingredient, and use MSG instead. The reason for that is basically people are just so used to it. Most people doesn’t know how to use kombu, and doesn’t know the goodness of it.

Japanese companies invent good stuff, but nothing beats the one from the nature.
Obviously better for your body too.

In this channel, I want to proudly introduce about kombu to the world as a Japanese chef, and try to create many ways of using it at home. So we can learn together!!

Kombu is available in Supermarkets in some country.
But if it’s not, check Japanese or Asian grocery, or online!!


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