Grilled Mushrooms (Mushroom Tikka – North Indian Style) Recipe in Hindi with Captions in English

Grilled Mushrooms (Tawa Mushroom or Tikka Masala – North Indian Style) is an Easy-to-Cook and Delicious Dish for Starters. It is generally served as a Stater Dish in Parties and Restaurants. Both Children as well as Adults love it alike. This recipe is tried, tested and tasty. It serves 2 persons. Tawa Mushroom Tikka Masala tastes best when served Hot, straight from the Tawa (Griddle). The Cooking Time for this dish, excluding Marination time is approx. 30 minutes. The Marination time required is approx. 30 minutes. Tawa Mushroom Tikka Masala can be prepared using a Gas Stove/ Electric Hot Plate/ Induction Cooker. Watch this video, try this recipe and please comment.

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