Grilled Chicken | Bangla Recipe | Dhaka Bangladesh

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I’m the type of person who doesn’t mind traveling far to eat good food, whether it’s at a full service restaurant, a grease truck, or a small neighborhood eatery like the Grilled Chicken Palace. Little traveling is needed as this little gem is not that far from me.

This little restaurant offers a simple but excellent menu of grilled meats (my favorite being the chicken), salads, . Reservation is not recommended . The menu makes it easy to order family style for those who want to try a bit of everything and share.

It’s not fancy, but this places serves a variety of dishes that you would expect to order at a full service restaurant. There are a few stools and a corner table for you to eat in, but for the most part, it’s a takeout type of place. Even though parking is a bit tough, I’m coming back for more.

Location of the Restaurant

Khaza Hotel and Restaurant
37, Bir Uttam K, M Sharifullah Street
Greed Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh

0:01 Restaurant Address
0:20 Machine View
0:52 Slicing the Chicken
1:31 Adding Curry
2:10 Food Provided on the Table

ABOUT Bangladeshi Food

Bangladesh shares a common Bengali culture, language and history with its neighbors in the nearby Indian state of West Bengal. This shared culture also carries over to its food – many dishes are shared across borders and are commonly referred to as Bengali cuisine.

Bangladeshi cuisine is decidedly South Asian in nature. However, it’s unique in its abundant use of fish and its employment of a variety of often fiery pastes made from ground roots, spices and chilies. So fiery they are, we’re told, that even some visiting Indians can’t handle the heat.

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