dal makhani recipe in a curry cooker | slow cooked punjabi dal makhani

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dal makhani recipe | restaurant style dal makhani recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. an ideal dal recipe which taste’s great when served with jeera rice or roti. basically it is prepared with the combination of black urad dal and rajma beans or kidney beans. both the grains are slow cooked in a pot and added with cream or malai which adds the richness to this black dal recipe.
dal makhani recipe | restaurant style dal makhani recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. dal makhnai one of the favourite dal recipes coming straight from the rich and flavourful  punjabi cuisine. more often this dal recipe is served with plain rice or jeera rice, however this can also be served with rotis and garlic butter naans. dal makhnai recipe, was hugely popularised by the migrating punjabi community within india and across the globe. dal makhani is creamy dal prepared with black urad dal has been widely embraced globally.

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