Chicken Lasagna | Recipe by Hijabee's Kitchen

Chicken Lasagna Recipe | Recipe by Hijabee’s Kitchen

Ingredients :

Veg Marination
3 Onions
3 tomatoes
3 capsicums
3 tsp Vinegar
( Assemble them carefully )
( Leave it for half an hour )
( Fry it for 2 minutes )

Chicken better
750 gram Chicken ( small cubes )
3 tsp red chilli powder
1 to 2 tsp black pepper powder
Salt to taste
2 pinch chicken powder
2 tbsp soya sauce
3 tbsp garlic ginger paste
1 tbsp vinegar
2 tsp Turmeric powder
3 tbsp oil
( Cook it on medium-low flame for half an hour )

White sauce preparation
3 tbsp butter
2 tbsp maida
2 cups milk
1 pinch Salt
1 pinch Black pepper powder
1 pinch Oregano
( Cook it on low flame for 5 to 10 minutes )

Fry some Brinjal in a pan.

Fry 6 green chillies with 3 tbsp vinegar and 1 tbsp oil.

Boil Lasagna for 20 minutes.

Preparation for Red Sauce
1 Medium cup chilli garlic sauce
1 small cup ketchup
1 pinch Black pepper powder
1 pinch Salt
1 pinch Oregano
( Mix it well )

1 cup Mozzarella cheese
1 cup cheddar cheese

Assemble all the ingredients in a bowl. Make layers of it.

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Lasagna Recipe